Conversations started in early 2002 when Jen and Brian started talking about how fun it would be to run our own pub. We'd go out exploring all the local spots and talk about how we'd do this or that, and make mental notes on what we really liked. After getting married, having two beautiful daughters, and putting these dreams on the back burner, fast forward 17 years. The dream never ceased, and in early 2019, we decided we'd like to get this bird off the ground. Having moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2015, the craft beer flame was re-lit for Brian as he had found he was quite fond of quality beer while living in Northern Minnesota. With over 20+ breweries in town, we were able to really get a taste for what we liked and the direction we'd like to take with our own establishment.

After several visits, we fell in love with Cody, Wyoming, and we knew this was where we wanted to continue raising our family. With the Absaroka Mountains, Heart Mountain, Shoshone NF, Trout Peak, and Buffalo Bill Reservoir as part of the local scenery, we couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place. Combined with the wonderful residents of Cody, it was an easy choice. Jen and Brian had their“"light bulb moment", and decided this is where they'd like to start Cody Craft Brewing.

And this is where to next chapter of our lives begin. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress through this journey, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Brian & Jen